What is a Virtual Tour or 360 Degree Photograpy?

Virtual Tour is a visual overview of an object or location based on modern technology, assembled from 360 degree photos. A virtual tour allows you to view and / or move around a room using a computer or smart device, and to read or receive information about objects in the space in visual or audio form. Sometimes the media assembled from 360 degree photos is also called 3D tour or photo.

Virtuaaltuur ja 360 foto With the rapid development of photo and video technology, this field has become increasingly immersed in everyday life in recent years. Virtual tour is currently most used in accommodation, catering and real estate. Most of us have definitely used the Google Street View app provided by Google Maps, where we can “walk” freely around the streets. It is now possible to enter a street cafe or boutique. The prerequisite for all this, of course, is that 360 photos have been taken of the street or place in advance. The Virtual Tour or 360 Photo allows you to use it in other areas to showcase your production processes, construction sites, and up to virtual tourism. The only limitation may be our imagination and creativity.

Virtual Tour – Why Do You Need It?

Virtual tour or 360 photos make it easy to showcase different objects – hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, historic sites, tourist pearls, and more. You can also link your virtual tour to Google Maps or Google Street View (Street View). More and more people want to get to know a business or service establishment before using the service, be it a hairdresser, a cafe or an accommodation establishment.  

Also, a virtual tour in one large building or business helps the customer get to the right business or door faster. This saves time for both the customer and the employee who have to explain by telephone that you turn right and come straight from there … A virtual tour also gives the real estate industry a great opportunity. The customer interested in the transaction receives a good overview of the property through 360 photos in advance, which saves both the client and the broker time. If the item is still of interest, the transaction is very likely to be completed soon.

Studies and statistics show

Businesses that use virtual tour marketing to attract more customer interest and trust, with 20-25% increase in traffic. As more interest grows, the number of clicks to your company’s homepage will increase, which in turn will help increase your ranking in the Google search engine. A higher ranking in Google’s search engine means that a website is more easily found in a search engine. In turn, finding good results on Google leads to an increase in home visitation, which also ensures increased sales success.

Why us?

You will certainly also be interested in the quality of the work you do. From now on, we are also among the trusted professional photographers on Google Street View who have met the relevant quality standards for published works. Which means we are certified and familiar with Google’s image quality standards. Also, the technology we use meets Google Street View requirements.

Order a virtual tour or 360 photos

If you have decided to build your business confidence through a virtual tour, the best solution would be:

  • contact us
  • give us an accurate overview and description of the premises or facility
  • get more details about the opportunities
  • discuss through your wishes and expectations
  • get a specific quote from us already

Certainly not every small shop or cafe needs to order a virtual tour, sometimes 360 photos is enough to give the customer a good overview of the place. Taking one 360 ​​photos and pairing them with Google Maps is much cheaper than taking and compiling a large virtual tour. Feel free to contact us for free consultations and promotions